Hi, I’m Liz…and I’m Weird!

Okay, some people think I’m weird.  A lot of people thought I was weird when I left a decent paying job in management to work part time after the birth of my first son.  More people thought I was weird when I switched jobs again to work in the public school system when he was in kindergarten.  Almost everyone who worked there thought I was weird when I left work altogether to stay home with and home school both my children a couple of years ago.   But, you know, you just gotta do what you gotta do.

Leaving a full time job began a whole new adventure.  That’s when I started to get even weirder!  Now I had to figure out how the four of us were going to survive on a single income, and that’s where it gets interesting.

I didn’t take Home Economics class in high school; instead I took Advanced Math, AP English, and Physics, so a lot of this homemaking stuff was all new to me.  Yeah, I was an nerd…come to think of it, people thought I was weird then, too, hmm…..  I could cook, but a lot of it was “take it out of the freezer and heat it up” kind of stuff.  I was way too familiar with all the fast food drive-thru windows in our small town. Hey, we were hungry after those pitiful school lunches!

Coupons, home management, bargain shopping…never had time for those things before, but now I discovered that I had to.  It took awhile, but I eventually figured out that I could save enough money by living simply (but well), clipping coupons, bargain shopping, staying away from the drive-thru, and lots of other weird things, that we could scrape by one my wonderful husband’s income. 

So, this blog is a record of my weird life as a stay-at-home, bargain hunting, home-schooling mama.  I hope I can help others learn how to live well on less, and I hope I can continue to learn, too!

Are you weird, too?  Tell me your weirdest money saving tip!

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