How I Became a Stay at Home Mama

The last time I posted I mentioned my weird decision to quit my job to stay home and home school my children.  Just to be clear, this was not a sudden decision or something that I did on a whim.  I knew from the moment I saw my first sweet baby’s face that I did not want him to be raised by strangers.  As soon as I could, when he was about six months old, I left my full time job to work part time.  My mother was his caregiver while I worked, and she took wonderful care of him and was happy to spend the time with him.

Fast forward a few years, now I have two boys…ages six and nine.  I’m working as a teaching assistant in the elementary school that they attend, and one of them is struggling.   About mid-year, my husband and I start trying to figure out what we need to do to help him.  Now keep in mind that I have always loved the idea of homeschooling, I just never thought we could manage without my income.  My husband was actually the first to say, “I think we’re going to have to home school,” after listening to a radio program about home schooling while he was driving down the road. 

After a lot of research, discussion, and most of all prayer; we made the decision for me to leave my job at the end of the school year to stay home and home school our kiddos.  We then proceeded to get very creative about saving money and living on less.  We made some huge lifestyle changes, and now a lot of my friends and family really started thinking that I was weird.  Next time, I’ll tell you about the first things we did to make up for losing an income.

I’d love to hear your story if you left a job to stay home with your kiddos.  Leave me a comment!

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